Do It Yourself Debt Collection

Do It Yourself Debt Collection

DIY Debt Collection provides exclusive, ready-to-use debt collection letters and documents that are cost effective, high quality and written by experts. We provide you with the actual letters and tools to collect your own debts. All letters and documents are ready-to-use but also enable full customisation and branding to suit individuals and business needs. We also include completed examples just for you to copy.

Using our exclusive expertly written letters and proven debt collection techniques you will recover your outstanding debts in a matter of weeks, sometimes in as little as 7 days. Our debt collection system gives you total control over your bad debts or late payments.

Debt collection agencies and solicitors use the same techniques but charge infinitely more. We make collecting your own debts easy by providing you with completed examples, for you to copy plus all the right legal documents. We provide exclusive, expertly written debt collection letters that include:

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Statutory Demand » Completed example of when and how to use
Bankruptcy Order » Completed example of when and how to use
Winding Up Petition » Completed example of when and how to use
County Court Judgement Claim Form » Completed example of when and how to use
Charging Order Form » Completed example of when and how to use

Statutory Demand

Completed copies for you to use

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County Court Summons

How to fill in - 24x7 free advice.

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Professional free advice anytime.

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As well as providing industry leading products, we provide the highest level of customer care and dedication to excellence. Our passion and knowledge of the debt recovery industry cannot be matched and we always endeavour to go the extra mile by providing free advice on your debt collection issues.

Why Do It Yourself?

No fees to pay to solicitors.
No up front fee cost debt collection agencies.
No commission to pay to anyone.
Use our expertly written debt collection letters to cover every situation.
Collect your bad debt immediately.
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Statutory Demand A Very Powerful Tool

Winding up petition, Bankruptcy order, How to use it, When to use it. Once drafted and served it gets your debtors attention immediately. We show you how!
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Use DIY Debt Collection solutions to keep on top of your companies credit control

Utilising our many years experience in the debt collection industry, and collecting millions of pounds for clients large and small. Using the very same DIY debt collection solution we have provided on the site you can rest assured, following the guidelines set out you will be very successful in collecting outstanding debts owed to you or your company. The system can be used over and over again to keep on top of your companies credit control.
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